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Matis Fourways Privacy Policy

It’s thee most annoying thing getting calls from all kinds of people…

Here’s where we promise to keep your precious personal info safe!

Matis Fourways collects personal data for the following reasons

  1. To send product to you once something is purchased online
  2. To communicate with you via sms or email regarding products purchased or promotions available
  3. To secure bookings made in the salon to prevent last minute cancellations
  4. To contact you once you’ve expressed interest in a service or product

We will not sell or share any of your personal data

Depending on your reason for contacting us, Personal data may include your name, mobile number, billing address & e-mail address. We may also collect personal information from you in relation to payment; including credit card type, name of cardholder, card number, and expiration date and security code. This information is not stored anywhere & is only used to secure a payment. Once you arrive for your treatment, all information is erased. This sensitive information is only viewed by Matis Fourways Management.



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Why Matis?

Hi! I’m Laurien, the owner of Matis Institute Fourways and Regenesis Training.

I’ve been in the industry for a few years :-)… and love skincare, anatomy & finding amazing therapists more everyday. This blog’s aim is to give you insight to me, my precious business & my staff. Hope you enjoy reading…


Looking back to when I was first introduced to Matis in 2003, I remember the different packaging the products that no longer exist and most of all what a “wet behind the ears” therapist I was.
3 years ago, when I was faced with the opportunity of owning a Matis Institute after being in love with the brand for over 12 years, there was absolutely nothing that could stop me; 3 years later, 15 years in love with the brand, nearly 3 years under construction & we’re still here ?

So… why Matis?

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