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Skincare 101

I went to speak at the college I qualified at 21 years ago & speaking to these ladies about my own career, recruitment, how to ready themselves for interviews, & for the industry when leaving college was so surreal.

I used to visit colleges often when I started beauty recruitment but not so much since the shop, so it was the first in a while. A now business owner of a gorgeous aesthetic spa in Dunkeld reminded me that that’s where I found her; in her 3rd year of beauty & I’ve walked with her through most of the past 10 years. Even with how challenging recruitment is, not only for my own store but for my clients countrywide, having been reminded of this success story was just what I needed. Thank you Hayley (shoutout 😎)

There are many colleges that just hire anyone to train people in 6 months, & it has created such a flood of sub par therapists that sometimes it makes me question why I still do it 12 years later. I spoke about my time I spent working for a college in Cape Town a few years ago & how the lecturers would say how one year there would just be a phenomenal class & the next year, the most challenging. I believe that if I maintain the hope that more great classes will come out of our great colleges, we have a chance. Our industry is beautiful, challenging, tiring, amazing, worthwhile & sometimes infuriating… but like all things worthy of having, there’s always a lot of work to do. 

Did any of you feel like you were completely amazing & had all the answers on life at 22 & then realised what a fool you were around 30? Thinking of myself sitting in that class over 20 years ago, I never would’ve thought I’d be here. Yes, life is challenging, work is a lot but at the end of that talk my point was clear; believe in yourself, challenge yourself to be better, make yourself indispensable to any company you work for, & don’t work for the praise of your boss, do all things to the best of your ability & seek to give your father in heaven all the glory ❤️

I have decided to incorporate more on skincare in my blogs because there’s just so much to wrap your head around as a consumer these days that it can all be so overwhelming.  Some of our active ingredients are so mind blowing that I think more of the world needs to recognise the brilliance of our dedicated Matis scientists. Yes, there are many common ingredients, some that are effective that fly under the radar, acids etc. I’m sure there are many of you who perhaps don’t want to ask the questions, feel free to pop us an email or WhatsApp us with what you want to know more of moving forward.

Which Matis line, ingredient, or skincare concern should we start with?





2 thoughts on “Skincare 101

  1. You’re absolutely welcome! And again I am so proud of you. And I am so grateful for you.
    Because if it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t own a beautiful aesthetic spa today.

    Here’s to many many more successful years!

    1. Thank you Hayley!
      Here’s to many successful years for us both <3

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