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My piece of this existence

Does anyone else scrutinize everything, holding a microscope up to the things that are “just that way“? I feel confused more often than not. People, situations, reactions, economics & statistics; all very confusing. Or perhaps not everyone is tormented by thoughts – well, how does that feel?!

When I was much younger I always felt so out of place, was it the fact that I moved around so much, or have I always been a rather sensitive soul? I’m leaning towards the latter. There were a whole lot of ingredients that created a very angry little person… add 1 cup of unrefined frustration, 2 litres of Whisky Tango Foxtrot, and 5kgs of “what do I do with this feeling” and out of the oven came an overcooked, spicy, unbalanced meal, heavy on the emotional calories.

I believe I’ve become a different person over and over, finally having the ability to soften, become (sometimes too) flexible, learn the fine art of forgiveness, and able to recognise the beauty I’ve worked at cultivating in myself. Unfortunately there are some lessons that are significantly harder than others, some things weighing so much they bend your will and break your spirit, but being soaked in superglue makes putting them down feel like a constant battle. Reflecting on it all, I’m faced with the reality that the harsh, abrasive me that once was, was just a scared young girl that didn’t know how else to feel protected.

I often wonder about people who lack empathy and wonder if I would be more successful in business if I were one of them. Would I make better business decisions? Would I be able to let go of hurtful emotions instead of packing them in this big suitcase to carry around on my head? No wonder my neck is sore 😂. Empathetically challenged people are much like statistics to me, – they obviously have a reason for existing but make no sense to me no matter how much I try to understand. I must admit, having little to no emotions fogging up the place could be kinda nice…

I sat on a pedicure recliner, listening to James Ingram on Saturday morning with the 1st draft of this blog. I’m sure my music selection prompted the trip down the railway of my life… & I found myself concerned about the weight of these words & how I’d manage to get this to relate to the June promos😵‍💫 Today I’m like, here’s the blog, hope you like it!

On days when deep in thought, finding more questions than answers, trying to make it all make sense; I can’t help but be freshly grateful for my job, my phenomenal staff, and the people who love me. Sunday’s message was titled “Comes With It” – Are we prepared to navigate the trial/persecution/hardship that comes with the blessing? We are often so focussed on the challenges and pain that come before and with the blessing that it becomes so hard to understand that it’s necessary; just like the pain with the birth.

June has begun & brought with it a need for fluffy socks, extra blankets and the soup pots. Before you dive in may I ask, what do you want to carry with you this month?

I’m taking a bigger helping of compassion for myself, acceptance of all the pieces of me – giving no apologies for the deep oceans that create the unique layers of who I am.

Above all, I’m going to try my best to carry in me a well of faith, that even when I can’t see clearly, I’ll know if I put my pale down this well, I’ll be sure to retrieve an overflow.

Let’s try to welcome the challenges as the process that one must follow to get to the great. Here’s to a wonderful, beautiful June for us all.


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What soothes you?

Hi, I’m Laurien and I’m a procrastinator. 🤦🏽‍♀️I have a growing talent for leaving things to the very last minute, and the May blog has been a prime example.

Putting my head in the sand when I don’t feel like facing a task is fast becoming a hobby, when I should in fact, be getting more task orientated!

May really isn’t a favourite month to write my thoughts to be honest. May = Mothers’ day, &  is a tricky one for me – the past few years have been interesting to navigate. A word for the younger generation, don’t be so keen to declare that you don’t want kids; one day you wake up 35 & fall in love with some lil people & discover you had all the maternal bones all along 🫢

April is our birthday month (the shop & I ) & just as I’m getting settled into the new age, May peeps her motherly head around the corner to remind me of my womb that no-one has called home yet. – RUDE-

I was relaxing, walking, eating, dancing & drinking on a wine farm in Cpt for a few days, & I didn’t feel the urge to rush back from the beach to write this blog – It’s the honesty for me!

The past few days I’ve sat with some thoughts; are we experiencing more of the same in different ways? I took another bash at a dating site recently, I’ve always known my S.O wouldn’t be found there, but I was admittedly without entertainment… until I saw my (not single) cousin’s profile & proceeded to delete it, yet again! As I stared at the familiar pictures, I couldn’t help but wonder… am I existing in a time not meant for me?
Fam! Carrie Bradshaw lifts my spirits- even in the 90s, things were much the same with the exception of fake profiles & way too much social media, what is it about relatability that settles the spirit?


When all the frozen yoghurt & SATC reruns fail to hit the spot, my next best is my Good mood in jars, conveniently found in my bathroom cabinet.

The slight sagging of cheeks (& heart) are made well with the floating fingers over my face, the aroma that behaves like I’d imagine the balm of Gilead did. The meticulously crafted texture has a way of softening my mind. Bliss!

Look, it won’t change things around me, but it somehow changes me, slightly shifting my view, my mood; it sings me a lullaby with the promise of of a better tomorrow.


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You’re anything but ordinary.

My favourite shows are Sex & the City & Grey’s Anatomy. There are a few that come close but these are the two I always go back to; I’m not quite sure what brings me the most comfort.

I am, yet again, in the middle of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s S10 & so much has changed for all the characters, we’ve laughed & cried along the way, but the one thing that stays constant is the burning desire to be “the sun”, to be extraordinary… it’s played on my mind much more now & I think it’s because of the changes I’ve had in my own life.

We plan, we organise & try our best, knowing that things hardly go according to plan – in my case this is so painfully true. I grew a little more last year, I stretched, I sometimes broke; I hurt, healed, laughed & came to a place I didn’t quite recognise – I think this is what letting go really looks like. I took a look at my life, seeing how hard I tried in all areas to be everything everyone needed me to be & still felt like I fell just short of enough. Thinking back to that time, it could’ve been 5 years ago instead of 5 months- I’m not her anymore.

In my Instagram post a today I mention time. In The Word time is a biblical principle, in any belief system the principle of timing seems constant, – at the right time, time heals, give it time… but what if we aren’t aware when the time has come? I don’t think there’s a day you wake up & we’re just ready, I think we become ready on the road. I’ve made a few difficult decisions in January, however, these choices are necessary to support who I’m becoming, how I want to feel & how I want people to feel around me & at our little happy place 🥰

There’s nothing ordinary about you. You are indeed extraordinary. What/who do you need to let go of to see yourself as you really are? To look at yourself with eyes of kindness & the knowledge that whatever you put your mind to is achievable.

Extraordinary service is something that is so close to my heart, the way you’re welcomed, how your therapist explains things to you, a treatment full of intent & attention to detail. What are things that would make your experience extraordinary to you?

I’m so glad that I’ve had the privilege to build the kind of business culture that makes my staff want to be at work & makes my clients feel like part of the family. I believe it’s all because we are striving daily to be extraordinary.

Do it. Be extraordinary, the time is now.