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The gift in letting go

Isn’t it funny that the harder we try to control things, the more planning we do to make sure things work out just right, the more we hold onto what we think is the best thing for us, the more stressed out we get? 😕

Back pain, headaches & confused skin must then come from our, (or maybe just my) need to make sure we have everything organised & 100% worked out?

As I think about the month that lies ahead, what happened this month in years gone by, & how I’ve seemed to use August as a time of re-evaluation, I see that in my effort to let go and not plan as much, I’m planning… go figure. There have been many times I’ve done a wardrobe overhaul, a social media cleanup or a friendship reevaluation during this time of year, I think it’s knowing that the winter is ending, that spring is on it’s way, or maybe just being a little gatvol… or maybe knowing that I’m growing & changing again & sometimes that growth means having to let more things go.

August to me, is a time to renew, to say goodbye to bad things & usher in all the “new” life has to offer with the blossoming of Springtime. The idea of Spring holds so much promise for better & what a fantastic time to remind ourselves that the most beautiful changes often happen when we don’t feel ready at all, & having an open heart & mind makes these beautiful changes flow easily. Let’s make space for the new this month by looking at where we’ve struggled to let go & how letting go can be a precious gift we can give ourselves!

This month I’m really excited to focus the whole month on renewal & I really want to stress the importance of renewal in different areas of our lives, our minds, our attitudes & our skins! The good book speaks about how we are transformed by the renewal of our minds… I don’t think I spent enough time dissecting this until I found my mind at low points more often than I’d care to admit. Humans are fragile creatures aren’t we? From one day to the next, one conversation to the next, our moods, outlooks & view of things can so easily be changed. I guess what I’m trying to say is, things affect us, life can throw us challenges we aren’t equipped to face so how do we navigate this?

Ending one week on a high, feeling prepared & ready for the next week’s meetings can be thrown upside down in a matter of minutes, c’est la vie… Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Nothing is set in stone & that leaves room for better than you expect
  2. The old must be lost for us to find the new
  3. Tomorrow is another opportunity to start again
  4. Maturity does not come with age, only focus on what you can change

Life is full and overflowing with the new but it is necessary to empty out the old to make space for the new to enter

Eileen Caddy

August often makes me think of how I used to explain a weekly skincare routine to my clients as a new, young & foolish (haha) junior therapist & how even when my therapists tell me they’re so tired of hearing my boring explanation, I can’t help but think I was flippen smart even in 2003! 🤓 So remember, your mask & exfoliator are like husband & wife in a healthy marriage, they work better together. Even though they can work independently their best work is together!

So, let’s look at all the things we’ve tried to cling to, all the “more” that made us feel lack, all the plans we had that never came to fruition & let it all go. Take your fav Matis exfoliator & mask & let’s scrub off all our old attitudes, our negative mindsets, our dull, dry mentality (& skin cells) & pump ourselves full of life (& hyaluronic acid!) Let’s get our minds & our skin ready to receive all the “new” life has in store for us.


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