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Skin Types VS Skin Conditions

I’ve been doing recruitment for the beauty industry for over 10 years & the therapists that have been in an interview with me will know I always ask skincare & body questions. The reason why I was inspired to start my development training for therapists was because during interviews I would end up teaching & explaining.

What many therapists unfortunately don’t realise is that those 2-4 years in tertiary education is really the start, the foundation of what makes a phenomenal therapist. The dedication to continue learning, to grow with the industry & to keep excited about ingredients, results, product actions & the intricacies of the skin, is what sets you apart; it’s been what’s set me apart- I believe.

As a consumer these days, it’s more overwhelming than ever with so many different brands on the market & so much information being thrown in our direction; let’s start at the beginning…

So, what’s the difference between a skin type & skin condition? This question has tortured many, including us in the skincare industry because there can be different ways of analysing specific types/conditions. Many people still say your skin type is what “you’re born with” – not sure about you but I’ve never seen a baby with oily skin… what they mean is, we are predisposed to our skin type dependant on ethnicity mostly.

Skin Types would be:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination – a combo of “normal” & oily / “dry” & oily
  • Then, there’s normal skin which is hardly anyone in the world – generally this skin type is quite sensitive

Florence-Barrett Hill’s book on advanced skin analysis explains sensitivity in a very provocative way; however, the main aim is to remember the skin type would hardly change for most of your life. Things like ageing & certain medications that specifically target the sebaceous glands would however have a long term impact on your skin type.

Skin conditions are things like:

  • Acne
  • Ageing
  • Sensitivity
  • Pigmentation

Our skins are beautiful & complicated,  it takes great care, skill & an evolving, yet constant passion for skincare that makes a skincare expert. Understanding that all skins are to be treated uniquely is important; we @MatisFourways find that curating a tailor made treatment plan & homecare package as well as explaining the relevance of each step is what sets us apart; however the treatment plan is useless without the knowledge & in-depth understanding of the skin.

Too many people are so focussed on pushing their brand that along the way the integrity is lost. An old friend once told me that if you start a business with the sole goal being money, you will surely fail; starting a business with a greater calling is what is required.

Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, & the best service possible is what makes us Matis Fourways.

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New Year or New Mindset?

So, let me just jump right in & say, I am not sold on the New Year, New anything! Does that make me a pessimist or a realist? What is is really about “crossing over” from one year to the next that makes people want to create resolutions they won’t stick to, or put pressure on themselves for things that don’t really even matter?

I google EVERYTHING!, & found it interesting that people feel the 1st of January gives them a new opportunity to start again, realistically, don’t we get that everyday? For once I made some resolutions of my own this year, not big, not over the top, nothing that would cause me any additional stress or take anything from me; resolutions to be kinder to me, to be honest, even when it’s hard, (which is generally not that hard for me🤣) & to really, like I mean REALLY question the people in my life.

This year at midnight I was with a bunch of women who I absolutely ADORE! We put on a favorite worship song & prayed for each other. I don’t believe I could have had a better New Year… The typical NYE celebration went from being a party that was great if you had parts of your memory come back at lunch the next day in 2010, to holding onto like-minded women & asking God to carry them through, to meet them at their point of need, to open up the floodgates of heaven in 2022- it was beautiful!

The December period took me through a rollercoaster of emotions, some things that woke up old feelings; some really bad, some great. Meeting people that you feel you’ve known all your life that pick up on when you’re quiet or not quite yourself, & somethings that took the blinkers off; all in all I feel like my New Year has brought me a new mindset. The realisation (yep, yet again!) that we are all different, how we manage emotions, deal with pain, celebrate, love & feel loved- we’re all different & that’s what makes us beautiful, unique, interesting & US! I’ll be the first to admit that I harshly question people’s actions & motives & I have had to get myself in check & realise that I’m judging from my perception.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung.

It made me think of a comedian friend who once did a set on “point of reference” he did speak about some things I probably shouldn’t talk about on this platform, but the crux remains the same- we all react & view from our point of reference; how are you choosing to view things this year?

Here’s something to chew on:

  • Who are you allowing to be the loudest voice in your mind?
  • Are your choices from today bringing you peace or anxiety?
  • Who are the people you feel you need to hold on to & do you know why?
  • What do you need to take responsibility for to be better this year?

With love,


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6 Years in & here’s the story

A few weeks ago I was chatting to my sales rep & she suggested I do a story about me (yikes!) & my staff 🙂 At first I was rather unsure since I quite like the “behind the scenes” vibe; well, apart from my Instagram appearance with my gorgeous lashes…

Then, the more I thought about it the more sense it made. The spa is now 6 years old & since it’s also my birthday month, is there ever going to be a more suitable time? So, here’s the whole story 🌍

I qualified as a therapist in 2002 from Hydro International in Edenvale, I have to admit, I wasn’t the best student & case studies made me want to cry, but I think I eventually turned out ok. My first therapy job was at Matis Eastgate (yep, there was one in Eastgate!) I fell in love with the brand immediately! I moved on to then work on cruise ships in the spa on board for 2 years, came back & was employed by Elani at Matis Rosebank 🙂 Moved to Cape Town, worked at a skincare college, did recruitment & training for beauty & spa, which I still do; then one day in the beginning of 2015 the owner of Matis Fourways told me she’s decided to sell.

I was helping her for a few weeks by then, assisting with business operations & trying to see where she could increase revenue & decrease expenses. She had already had 2 people who were keen to buy the shop but were declined by the mall. At that time I was self employed for just over 2 years & didn’t even imagine I could one day own the shop. After talking to my amazing mom & consulting with God, a desire set me on fire.

The banks don’t give loans to self employed people & not owning anything to put up as collateral had me in tears & questioning God’s plan for my life. I remember being so nervous at the meeting with the mall, I had no money & no idea how I was going to get it but as we sat down all they said was “would you like to start in March or April?” 🤯 My mother believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself & she made miracles happen. Nothing could compare to a mother’s love! A God fearing, prayer warrior kind at that!

On the 1st of April 2015, I took over! There’s never an April’s fool for me…There were highs & lows, way many more lows than highs to be honest. Construction for 4 years threatened my sanity (as my staff will tell you)

Fast forward to 2020, God made big changes to my businesses & my life & I can confidently say, we’re here to stay! Giving up isn’t an option but it’s easier with people on your team that push you & fiercly belive in you.

My 38th birthday is on the 17th of April & for the first time in many, many years I’m looking forward to celebrating it all! My wonderful staff, my support team & celebrating me! It’s still a hard lesson to learn but being proud of your accomplishments isn’t big-headed, it’s necessary!

Thank God for keeping me & my business ❤

Keep your eyes peeled for a write up on my fantastic staff soon…