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Just checking in

Driving to work this morning I listened to a podcast, Erwin McManus said “anyone can create art but not many can create beauty” this on the heel of the notion that hate is easy, but hope, forgiveness & love are hard; that the human condition means more effort is attached to higher emotions.

I find this analogy truly beautiful. So often our strength is measured by how little emotion we display, how nonchalant we come across, perhaps even how little things, situations & people phase us. I think this misrepresentation of strength is what makes us weaker.

During the wars, the men, strong, tough, manly men, were strong enough to write love letters to the woman who held their hearts captive. Serenades in the rain and having the pleasure of her company weren’t something to be ashamed of, what happened to the beauty and wonder of those emotions?

After taking this in I suddenly wondered how everyone feels their year is going. We’re always getting to the end of the year & complaining about how bad, or slow, or disappointing it was, maybe we could “check-in” with each other here, at the end of Q1, to share some love, do something special for someone, or just tell a friend how wonderful they are. Just maybe we can throw caution to the wind & be reckless with how much we choose to love, because that’s what it is right? A choice.

 Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

Reflecting on my year so far, I’m so proud of the changes I’ve made, proud of my heart & the new things about myself I’ve fallen in love with. I’m slowly, yet ever surely becoming the best version of myself, I used to beat myself up for loving & caring so much, now I’m just so thankful. ❤️🙏🏽

I can’t wait for the next chapter in my story & the empathetic, loving people I’m still going to meet (husband, I’m ready 😉)

A Thank -you to you,

“On the 1st of April 2015 I never could have imagined the road that lay ahead. Thank God I didn’t, because there’s no way I would’ve chosen to still take that first leap.
As each year goes by, I’m more & more in awe of God’s hand over my life, more in love with myself, and no longer scared of being proud of where I am.
A warm, heartfelt THANK-YOU to each & every client & friend who chooses Matis Fourways every time. To my gorgeous mommy, my life’s companions, my hype team & my amazing staff, I love you all so dearly!”


With love,


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The Holistic View

I woke up to the realisation that I wasn’t being very holistic in my approach to caring for myself & have taken a few steps to start fixing that! Let me tell you about it…

In college we learn about treating the body “holistically”, this means we shouldn’t only treat one factor/element, but approach the treatment of the body by integrating the whole person.

Maybe hearing  the word so much makes us forget the complex understanding behind it, & so, we are left struggling to sort the pieces of our puzzles. All the areas of our lives are impacted by more than one factor, even when we don’t realise it, & when we take the time to unpack it all, we will often find that everything still fits together. Anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue, gut issues, skin concerns… everything has a “Why” & it’s time we start treating it all holistically.

I’m constantly in awe of how the brain works. We have built-in safety features & the amazing human body finds ways to tell us what we need, if only we’d listen. Instead of throwing judgement & anger at ourselves, extending grace, being kind to ourselves & asking o9urselves what we need can heal us in miraculous ways.

Matis has always recognised the importance of the holistic approach. A few years ago, the super smart bunch of scientists in Paris developed a professional product called “receptivity concentrate”; which we use (now by another name) in Matis signature facials to boost the skin’s ability/ “willingness” to receive the active ingredients. Matis saw that the body’s physical & mental posture have a direct impact on how the skin behaves & how well it reacts to active ingredients. WOW! 🤯

I’ve decided to find a few “receptivity concentrates” of my own to increase my ability to fix the areas in my life that haven’t responded to the prescribed treatment plan. 😉The first step is something I hope you’ll all start doing with me… skincare from the inside! (pause to sip my coffee with collagen, Vit C & probiotics…) mmm

Besides collagen being amazing for the skin, I wanted to find a brand that would also help me support an anti-inflammatory diet, something to increase mobility, promote bone & joint health, & reduce pain! – I believe I found it!

Veniva also gave me the idea to blab about skincare & the like on an Instagram page instead of holding her clients captive in reception so I obliged 😂 I must admit, the personal page still makes me nervous but hey, they say we should share our courage with others, so here goes nothin’  👉🏽

I have been so sick & tired of being sick & tired, something HAD TO change. One Sunday a friend spoke life into me after a very low few days, that talk challenged me to push back & disrupt what used to be “the norm” in my life; it reminded me of things I so easily forget. She probably doesn’t even realise how her love lifted me up, sometimes even the most eloquent use of language can’t define feelings; thank you ❤️

The plan is to create a more holistic approach in all the areas of my life to bring out the best version of myself & I just had to share it with you all. The younger, glowing, more energetic, pain free, happy & healthy version of us is waiting!

Let’s go!“

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You’re anything but ordinary.

My favourite shows are Sex & the City & Grey’s Anatomy. There are a few that come close but these are the two I always go back to; I’m not quite sure what brings me the most comfort.

I am, yet again, in the middle of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s S10 & so much has changed for all the characters, we’ve laughed & cried along the way, but the one thing that stays constant is the burning desire to be “the sun”, to be extraordinary… it’s played on my mind much more now & I think it’s because of the changes I’ve had in my own life.

We plan, we organise & try our best, knowing that things hardly go according to plan – in my case this is so painfully true. I grew a little more last year, I stretched, I sometimes broke; I hurt, healed, laughed & came to a place I didn’t quite recognise – I think this is what letting go really looks like. I took a look at my life, seeing how hard I tried in all areas to be everything everyone needed me to be & still felt like I fell just short of enough. Thinking back to that time, it could’ve been 5 years ago instead of 5 months- I’m not her anymore.

In my Instagram post a today I mention time. In The Word time is a biblical principle, in any belief system the principle of timing seems constant, – at the right time, time heals, give it time… but what if we aren’t aware when the time has come? I don’t think there’s a day you wake up & we’re just ready, I think we become ready on the road. I’ve made a few difficult decisions in January, however, these choices are necessary to support who I’m becoming, how I want to feel & how I want people to feel around me & at our little happy place 🥰

There’s nothing ordinary about you. You are indeed extraordinary. What/who do you need to let go of to see yourself as you really are? To look at yourself with eyes of kindness & the knowledge that whatever you put your mind to is achievable.

Extraordinary service is something that is so close to my heart, the way you’re welcomed, how your therapist explains things to you, a treatment full of intent & attention to detail. What are things that would make your experience extraordinary to you?

I’m so glad that I’ve had the privilege to build the kind of business culture that makes my staff want to be at work & makes my clients feel like part of the family. I believe it’s all because we are striving daily to be extraordinary.

Do it. Be extraordinary, the time is now.