Matis – Glow Detox 50ml


Radiance care, anti-fatigue, detoxifying These days, the frantic pace of life is taking over and is no longer in line with the need for restful sleep. Fatigue then becomes chronic. This is the appearance of signs of fatigue: drawn features and dull complexion. In cells and tissues, wastes accumulate, energy levels are at its lowest level and metabolism is slowed down. This care reduces signs of fatigue on skin while reviving the complexion’s natural radiance. Its advantage: to go further, a detoxifying active ingredient reduces signs of fatigue and provides a healthy glow effect. Refreshed, the skin is radiant. Detoxified, the complexion is unified, fresh and bright. Its melting texture quickly releases the benefits of active ingredients. Intended for women of all ages with dull and tired skin. Dermatologically tested.


-15% Signs of fatigue (1)
+ 7% Skin radiance (1)
+ 12% Moisturized skin (1)

85% The skin is as recharged (2)
80% The signs of fatigue are reduced (2)
85% The product gives a healthy glow effect (2)
80% The skin texture is improved (2)
90% The skin is moisturized (2)

(1) Clinical score in 10 points on 20 women after two applications per day for 28 days.
(2) Results of self-evaluation on 20 women expressed in % of satisfaction after two applications per day for 28 days


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