Matis – Age B Mood 50ml


This targeted, expert cream tackles the four key mechanisms that trigger the signs of aging:
Glycation (where collagen and elastin gradually harden, leading to wrinkles) with a powerful peptide; Oxidation (speeds up aging) with an active antioxidant active ingredient;
Dehydration with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid;
Cell longevity with rice and vine stalks extract which extend cell life.


LONGEVITY COMPLEX : consist of rice extracts and vine shoot, it enables the sirtuins synthesis which Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan naturally present in the skin which plays a filling and hydration role.
Longevity Complex Stimulates longevity proteins such as sirtuins
Protective Complex helps limit these two phenomena, glycation and oxidation

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Combination, Normal