Global Anti-Ageing Active Cream 50ml


The anti-ageing complete care.

This is a complete care which prevents the first signs of ageing. This light and fluid emulsion regenerates and fights the signs of ageing and at the same time helps to enhance the skin natural abilities.



Originally from India, a perennial climbing plant growing in tropical regions. It is called “tiger grass” because wounded animals roll in it to heal their wounds. This age-old plant is reputed in India. It has always been known and used for its soothing and repairing properties. This natural active ingredient also has restructuring properties thus improving cellular regeneration. This extract has numerous benefits that are perfectly adapted to men’s skin. 

MESSENGER PEPTIDES : restructure the skin.

HEMP OIL : rich in vitamin E with antiradical, regenerating and moisturizing properties

SWEET ALMOND OIL BIOPOLYMERS : form-film and delay moisturizing effects.

BEESWAX : moisturizes and forms a protective film on the skin surface.

Additional information

Age Group

30-45, +45

Skin Concerns

Ageing, Lines & wrinkles