Matis – Post Shave (After Shave Alcohol Free Soothing Balm) 50ml


After shave balm, soothing and repairing This soothing balm for skin suffering from razor burn, brings comfort and softness to the skin. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, this treatment differs by its immediate soothing action and its long-term restructuring action. The skin is soothed, hydrated and repaired. Its light and non-greasy texture instantly comforts and soothes. Intented for all men wishing to soothe their skin after shaving.

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PEPPERMINT : refreshes,soothes and calms the razor skin burns and stimulates the production of beta-endorphins.

VITAMIN A : promotes cellular renewal.

CENTELLA ASIATICA : originally from India, a perennial climbing plant growing in tropical regions. It is called “tiger grass” because wounded animals roll in it to heal their wounds. This age-old plant is reputed in India. It has always been known and used for its soothing and repairing properties. This natural active ingredient also has restructuring properties and thus improving cellular regeneration. This extract has numerous benefits that are perfectly adapted to men’s skin.

AQUAREGUL : a high performance combination tooptimize the water reserves in the epidermis and strengthen the barrier effect to prevent from dehydration. Superficial layers of epidermis are replenished.

BISABOLOL : calms and soothes.

ALLANTOÏN : soothes.

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