Matis – Cashmere Hand (Youth Hand Cream) SPF10 50ml


This light hand cream penetrates quickly while also giving comfort and nutrition.
This protecting care gives a triple anti-ageing action: anti-stain, anti-free radical and it encourages the cell renewal.
Finally, the SPF 10 completes this protection by fighting against solar radiation. The hands are soft, protected and hydrated.


Main Active Ingredient 

These flavonoids, highly concentrated, are added to this cream to prevent and minimize brown stains. They are encapsulated in liposomes to improve their cutaneous penetration. The flavonoids regulate the melanin production, improve the skin radiance and uniformity. / Vitamin A derivative This derivative allows to protect the skin cells from free radicals, encourage the cell renewal, boost the enzymatic activity and standardize the cell division. It fights against the skin ageing and improves the skin appearance.

Additional information

Weight 0.078 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 13.5 cm