Thoclor GF2 Skin Rejuvenation


Our GF2 Skin Rejuvenation formulation works to reverse environmental damage on your skin, offering you natural skin rejuvenation.

Ageing in the skin involves both the epidermis and the dermis, which leads to changes in the way the skin looks over time. These changes impact both the structure and the function of your skin. Time and genetic ageing account for about 20% of the age you see on your skin – the other 80% is caused by environmental factors, especially the sun. Skin, which is sun-damaged beyond its years, is referred to as prematurely aged or photo-damaged skin.

GF2 works on environmental damage & ageing of the skin

You will notice the following results with regular use:

  1. An improvement in the texture of your skin
  2. The epidermis is rebalanced (the dead outer layer is reduced)
  3. Marks and age spots start to fade
  4. The skin becomes more hydrated
  5. Collagen and elastin production are boosted and the skin becomes thicker, healthier and plumper
  6. Inflammation on the skin is reduced (especially noticeable with sensitive skin)
  7. Your skin’s health and healing is reinvigorated overall

GF2 stimulates true rejuvenation in the skin.

Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, GF2 is also beneficial in the treatment of acne and rosacea. The anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties of GF2 make it a powerful disinfectant, and no resistance against its use has been described. The anti-inflammatory effect reduces redness and pain in infected areas. Atopic dermatitis and eczema also improve with regular application of this miracle mist.