Matis Paris Signature Skincare Treatments

As a flagship of Matis Paris, Matis Institute Fourways ensures all signature skincare treatments are performed according to high standards & strict protocols

Each Reponse is Matis’ Answer to your concern which is also linked to your correct homecare routine

Our highly qualified & experienced Matis Paris Skincare Therapists will analyse & recommend not only the correct treatment plan, but will also tailor make your homecare routine

Matis Treatment Menu

Specific Reponse

Short and flexible treatments that can be booked as stand-alone treatments or as an add-on to Essential, Expert or Premium treatments
30 mins 20 mins as add-on


PURELY PERFECT CLEANSING TREATMENT                                     R320

A clearer, cleaner and more purified skin with the use of a self-heating massage gel that opens the pores & makes extractions easier, more comfortable & more effective

SILKY SOFT SKIN TREATMENT                                                       R460

A MUST add-on to any facial for luminous, supple, renewed skin. The Silky-Soft Treatment boosts the effects of all other facials!

FRESH LOOK TREATMENT                                                             R590                         R490 when combined with another facial

Improves Circulation around eyes and reduces signs of fatigue with the use of Matis Signature cold glass massage technique over an eye mask soaked in hyaluronic acid activator lotion. See results in just one treatment!                                                                             

Essential Reponse

Treatments designed to meet the basic needs of the skin
60 mins


HYDRATION SOURCE TREATMENT                                                R600

Rehydrates the most dehydrated skins with a specialised balm & drenching mask – one of the favorites! Don’t forget to add the “Silky Soft!” Amazing results!

NOURISHING COMFORTING TREATMENT                                      R600

Provides the skin with a comforting and cocooning effect with the use of a “whipped cream” mask – looks good enough to eat!

Expert Reponse

Beauty Expert

Treatments formulated to treat various beauty issues on the skin including sensitivity, problematic, oily skins as well as uneven skin tone
60 to 90 mins


SOOTHING DELICATE TREATMENT                                                        R600

Repairing of irritated, inflamed and reactive skins

Delicate skin can be difficult to treat & may react to almost everything! Matis Paris formulates the delicate Reponse (Answer) with this in mind. Specialised ingredients & years developing actives ensure a soothing & calming treatment

INTENSE PURITY TREATMENT                                                                  R980

A fresher, cleaner, refined and more regulated skin with the use of the Matis Paris Signature & still extremely popular plasticizing, cooling & mattifying mask

RADIANCE LIGHT TREATMENT                                                               R980

Experience space technology, harnessing pure oxygen infusion on the skin with this unbelievable treatment. Skin appears more luminous and radiant – “Silky-Soft” add on increases results

Age Expert

Treatments that target and correct signs of ageing
105 mins


INTENSIVE DENSI-AGE TREATMENT                                                       R1050

A complete and effective skin workout to correct and repair all signs of ageing. This beautiful skincare treatment


PERFORMANCE CORRECTING TREATMENT                                        R1100

More volumized and smoothed skin using the precious black “time-control” contouring mask. A favourite worldwide!


LIFTING RESCULPTING TREATMENT                                                       R1250

A facelift treatment alternative using a hardening, self-heating mask to tighten & firm the skin’s contours

Premium Reponse

120 mins


PREMIUM ACTIV'CAVIAR TREATMENT                                                  R1550

The ultimate anti age treatment for ALL ageing concerns. The Matis Paris Signature crème-de-la-crème. Indulgent, luxurious & blissful

ADD-ON Fresh Look                                                                R490

ADD-ON High Frequency                                                      R65

Skin Analysis                                                                             Free



We understand that your needs may be different, all our massages are tailor made to meet your needs, our trained & experienced therapists will make sure your tight & aching areas are treated correctly.


Swedish                                                                    R350 30 mins

                                                                                R450 45 mins

                                                                                R550 60 mins

                                                                                R750 90 mins

Aromatherapy                                                          R400 30 mins

                                                                                R500 45 mins

                                                                                R600 60 mins

                                                                                R800 90 mins

Indian Head Massage                                               R350 30 mins


Reflexology/Foot Massage                                        R350 30 mins

Signature Massage                                                   R850 90 mins

Add Hot Stones                                                         R60


Manicures and Pedicures


Shape & Paint                                                           R145

No cuticle work- basic push back, shape & paint. Please note, your therapist will recommend an express manicure if your cuticles require more time & neatening to ensure the best end result

Gel Polish Application                                               R205

Basic nail preparation and gel polish (doesn't include cuticle work)

Express Manicure                                                      R210 45 mins

A cuticle clean up, hand exfoliation, shape & paint

Deluxe Manicure                                                      R270 60 mins

The complete hand treatment including exfoliation and a hand & forearm massage

Signature Manicure                                                   R320 75 mins

The deluxe manicure including paraffin dip                                                                                               

Express Pedicure                                                       R240 45 mins

A cuticle clean up, foot file, shape & paint

Deluxe Pedicure                                                       R310 60 mins

The complete foot treatment including exfoliation and massage

Signature Pedicure                                                    R355  75 mins

The deluxe pedicure including paraffin dip                                                                                                               

Gel Soak off                                                              R75

Acrylic Soak off                                                         R90



Gel Paint                                                                   R55

Soak off                                                                    R65

Paraffin dip                                                               R65



Eyebrow Tint                                                             R70

Eyelash Tint                                                               R80

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint                                              R135



Face                                                                                         R950

Décolleté & Neck                                                                  R800

ADD-ON to Facial                                                                  R390

ADD-ON Initiale Anti-Age mask                                            R420

Microblading & Eyelashes


Microblading Initial Treatment                            R1950

Microblading Touch Up                                        R950

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set                                                                      R895

90 Min Fill                                                                 R700

75 Min Fill                                                                 R600

60 Min Fill                                                                 R500

45 Min Fill                                                                 R400

Lash Lift                                                                    R470

Lash Lift & Tint                                                         R520



Eyebrow                                 R85                                                          Three quarter leg                   R205

Upper Lip                                R70                                                          Full leg                                    R255

Chin                                        R90                                                          Half Back                               R140

Eyebrow & Upper Lip            R140                                                        Full Back                                 R210

Nose                                       R75                                                          Fingers/toes                           R45

Lip & Chin                               R140                                                        Stomach                                R90

Sideburns                               R120                                                        Full stomach                          R175

Full Face                                 R230                                                        Bikini                                        R140

Underarm                               R95                                                          G-string                                   R170

Half Arm                                 R130                                                        Brazilian                                 R230

Full Arm                                   R180                                                        Hollywood                             R265

Half Leg                                  R175                                                        Buttocks                                 R110

Top Leg                                  R165