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Why Matis?

Hi! I’m Laurien, the owner of Matis Institute Fourways and Regenesis Training.

I’ve been in the industry for a few years :-)… and love skincare, anatomy & finding amazing therapists more everyday. This blog’s aim is to give you insight to me, my precious business & my staff. Hope you enjoy reading…


Looking back to when I was first introduced to Matis in 2003, I remember the different packaging the products that no longer exist and most of all what a “wet behind the ears” therapist I was.
3 years ago, when I was faced with the opportunity of owning a Matis Institute after being in love with the brand for over 12 years, there was absolutely nothing that could stop me; 3 years later, 15 years in love with the brand, nearly 3 years under construction & we’re still here ?

So… why Matis?

This beautiful French skincare brand is 82 years old this year, started by a chemist in cosmetology who treated burn patients in France with our still extremely popular “Fundamental Beautifying Cream” Dr Mavromati’s passion for results driven skincare has created a brand that is known as a worldwide beauty expert today.
A constantly evolving brand with a committed team of scientists who seem to be able to find the most impressive ingredients in the far most corners of the planet!
Why not chose to be a part of a worldwide brand with these 6 historic values?

The Matis signature treatments, their products, unique techniques, makes me & my team try that much harder to be a mirror for Matis Paris, what a privilege!

Matis has become the brand for cutting-edge scientific & technical high-quality treatments. Matis owns an 8000m2 production site in the Paris region!
A space for research and development for only this luxurious & results driven brand

Matis draws inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular biology, cell biology and skin biology to create unique, bespoke treatments. The Matis research & development department have developed over 180 active formulas resulting from the best scientific research.

It’s refreshing & exciting to be aligned with a brand who listen. Matis is constantly changing & evolving because they listen to what consumers need; they listened to us too!
Last year the new – amazing – Comfort Cleansing Oil was launched, and quickly became a client & therapist favourite. We had suggestions, all the way from SA & BAM, the changes to packaging were made!

Ok, ok, I realise I’m the owner & I might be just a little biased toward our “out-of-this-world” facials… however, let me say, not all facials are created equal. The Matis signature treatments are unlike any other & I have used different brands over the years.
The Matis patented active ingredients, specific procedures, cocooning textures, mind-blowing aromas & the cherry on the top, my therapists’ love for the brand & the treatments

Matis is one of the key brands on the global market & it’s a privilege to be a namesake here in SA. Present in 69 countries worldwide with over 7000 points of sale (and growing)
One thing I personally love is the exclusivity of our treatments & skincare, we will never be “over the counter” and we will always only have qualified, super knowledgeable therapists attending to you; that’s The Matis Institute Fourways difference.

The next time you want to have a seriously great facial, think Skin, Science, Senses, think Matis Fourways.





8 thoughts on “Why Matis?

  1. I have to agree..Matis Fourways facials are “out-of-this-world” . The experience provided by the highly trained therapist together with the Matis patented active ingredients, specific procedures, cocooning textures, mind-blowing aromas was absolutely exceptional and worthy of many more return visits..

    1. Thanks Jenny!
      We’re so glad you enjoyed your DensiAge facial & glad you see exactly what we mean; definitely mind-blowing!
      See you again soon

  2. I am over the moon inlove with Matis products as well as service. I love smells. And associate things in my life with it. And when I smell Matis products before I even use them…i am in heaven. Smells so professional and the results show. I am 8 months pregnant and have sensitive skin. And only want to have a wax treatment from matis fourways. So soft on my skin. I’m enjoying the pampering. Do yourselves a favour ladies. Make an appointment today.

    1. Thanks Crystal! We love hearing how pleased our precious clients are 🙂
      See you soon!

  3. The most luxurious brand I have ever worked with and come across. From an entry level facial (there is NOTHING basic about it) to a caviar facial, the world class luxury remains.
    With Laurien’s expertise and passion you won’t find a better trained therapist than those at Matis Fourways to take care of all of your skincare needs.

    1. Wow, thanks Hayley!
      You’re making us blush 🙂

      Hope to see you for a facial soon

  4. Men’s body massage and facials are out of this world, I highly recommend, Matis Fourways!

    1. Thank you Sheldon!

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