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How do you (really) handle change?

With all the change we’ve had to navigate through, I found myself thinking about all the times in the past 6 years my staff & I have been thrown a curve ball & how we’ve handled it.

I remember Chuma (my ride or die therapist for the past 5+ years) was in a flat panic around 2016 when I broke the news that we’d be changing nail brands 🤣🙄 She was rather sentimental, may I dare say, nearly nervous watching me pack up all that OPI stock. Today, she’s a firm advocate & lover of i.b.d & Artistic, would not entertain using another other brand & all is still well in the Matis Fourways household.

On a more serious note, this day in February 2021 things are just all completely different & we’ve had to adapt or die! Different shop, different ways of trading, adapting our spa services, finding new innovative ways to talk to clients & cater to their needs; a different world!

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I handle change well, I guess I do! 😎 Isn’t it strange that in a time of trouble, or when difficult decisions need to be made, we see what we’re really made of? What strength have you seen in yourself over the last year?

If the change in the world around us wasn’t enough, Matis Paris decided (BC – Before Covid) to revamp the entire brand! Formulations, names, lines, packaging, logo… EVERYTHING! Now, when I look at my beautiful shelves with the new gorgeous, luxury skincare & body products, even more luxurious & beautiful than they were before, I just cannot help falling in love 🥰 ;when the changes started, the feelings I experienced were anything but love.

In this ever-changing, volatile business climate, when people are still not sure what they should & shouldn’t be doing, we’re looking at ways to make things easier, more accessible & enjoyable for all our clients. Yes, there are still clients who aren’t comfortable visiting the spa & that’s alright! We have the best in luxury, results driven products that allows our clients to use the best in at-home professional skincare & our experts are available on whatsapp chat, via chat on our site, email or a direct call to the spa to guide & assist with the best skincare products to use at home.

Considering coming back? Maybe your skin is dealing with some “maskne”, your back is holding all your stress & tension or your feet might be close to damaging your egyption cotton sheets?😰 We’re ready to welcome you back with (virtual) open arms! Be comforted knowing that our new premises is spacious, access controlled, has secure parking & our staff have your safety in mind at all times. Give us a call to chat or send us a message for more info.

The moral of the story? We have to go through it to get to the other side, right? Fight through the turmoil to see perfection, work & pray in times of uncertainty until one day we sit back & stare at the beautiful shelves & say… We’re doing something right!

10 thoughts on “How do you (really) handle change?

  1. I really think you guys weathered the storm well. I’m actually enjoying your new location. I don’t have to drag myself to the mall any more and that couple’s room is a great plus for my wife and I. We acknowledge your spirit of excellence guys. Keep at it.

    1. Thank you S’fiso!
      Hope to see you & your wife again soon! 🙂

  2. Yes Matis Fourways, I certainly agree. You are doing something right. You put your clients first and we feel so EXTRA special. Your new shop looks AMAZING. Congratulations. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Thanks for your great feedback Jen 🙂 We appreciate your support

  3. It is always so inspiring to see a small business succeed above all the adversity the past year has theown at us! Well done Team Matis it is always a absolute pleasure to be pampered at your beautiful salon and the new location absolutely rocks! I just know that you will go from strength to strength and weather whatever changes may come your way!

    1. Thanks Deidre! We’re so thankful for your support & great feeback

  4. You Ladies just know how to pick me up and make me feel amazing. I was so relaxed… little bit of me time. Thank you to all you beautiful ladies. Feeling like a million dollars. Thank you for my products… I cant wait to start using…

    1. We’re so glad you felt better Mel! We’re sure you’re loving all your new products
      See you soon

  5. Powerful and Inspiring!!! Thank you Matis Fourways for being our healing balm during these trying times.

    1. Thank you Bronwyn 🙂

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