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Holding onto Hope.

Yep, it looks like I’m delaying another skincare lesson to put my thoughts (that have little to nothing to do with my business might I add) on this blog for anyone, someone or perhaps not a soul to read.

I’ve found over the last few years that my thoughts become so much clearer as they fall in line on a screen, there’s something so calming about it, about being “naked” with my thoughts. I have realised writing this blog has become my favourite part of my job.

Here’s a question- or 3. Is anyone else finding no joy in wishing people “Happy New Year”? Are we going to do this for the rest of our lives? Surely we can reserve this wonderful wish for the actual day & resume normal broadcasting? We all want happiness, things to finally work in our favour, our prayers to be answered; it’s just that small, slightly doubtful voice that whispers- “hold back”…  With every truth I know about this life, that doubtful voice doesn’t wander too far.

So in the face of the fact that people change, things don’t always work out, sometimes you will be misunderstood, & pain comes with the process, where is the hope? I’m reading a book on how our lives are fundamentally affected by our upbringing, & how what happened clearly defines how we view everything.

So, when you’re over 40, have had many things that you could’ve/ hoped would turned out differently, & yet, the amount of personal, introspective & HARD work done, sets you further away from shallow lifestyles, harsh words, & people who can’t face what life has really done to them. I can’t help but wonder, what beauty is around the corner for you?

Diving deep isn’t easy, loosing people you love isn’t easy, shouldn’t the question we ask here be, “What is on the other side of this? What’s required to birth of the best version of you?” Nothing worth having comes easy; to wallow & sit in self pity would be expected, but maybe, just maybe, the opposite of what most of us believe is in fact true. Perhaps someone who has taken a mirror to their ugly, & decided to lovingly heal the parts nobody sat down long enough to understand is how you become more loveable. Perhaps when the wounds, traumas & fear aren’t brushed aside, & instead asked to sit a while & talk, is how you become more understanding, patient & empathetic. Perhaps the people who didn’t see YOU, who chose different, who left you hurt were never part of the plan because all that love, understanding, patience & empathy would have been too big for them to even comprehend. Perhaps?

New Years aren’t always happy & celebratory, they are however a bigger, more significant time we get to consciously put things down, let things go & start again. Whatever starting again includes for you, I pray you hold onto hope.

As we start another year, let’s have faith. When the hard days come, & they will, let’s try to remind ourselves that our best days are ahead of us, that we haven’t even met some of the people who will have the biggest impact on our lives & love us the most! Let’s remember that love casts out all fear. Even when we can’t see it, when we don’t know what’s ahead, when our best planning still doesn’t bring clarity, let’s hold onto hope.



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If not now, when?

Over the past few years, this “wee” saying has managed to both torture & drive me. Although it’s roots come from Rabbi Hillel the Elder, who wanted to stir up emotion & inspire people to take a stand; to me, the saying can be meaningful in different areas. Many years ago, the business I was with hired a life & business coach for the management team, & this was one of the things he taught. I must admit, there have been a few things that I have carried with me for the past 10 years after the few sessions with him. The bite sized chunks of knowledge have managed to help me move past my need for perfection, push myself to ask the tough questions, & admittedly have made me a more decisive businesswoman.

Not sure how many of you are working on the same LIFE 2023 version I’m currently operating on but shu wee, something has got to give! It’s nearly 10pm & I know I probably won’t finish writing this today but this saying kept popping in my head, nagging me to put my PC back on & just type.

I was speaking to a close friend today & we were talking about how life seems to not want to give us a breather, just a small period of nothing falling apart or needing all our energy. While this saying kept ringing in my head, I felt both guilty for where my head was, how exhausted I felt; & also a strange need to share a different view on it. How many times do we say “I need to book a facial/massage/I’ve always wanted to know more about laser… etc” I am currently typing with 3 .5 still red nails & at least 3 that I practically tore off during the move – because I kept putting it off. How much are we going to push ourselves? How much longer are we going to keep saying we need to do our nails? The reality is, in this day & age, there’s always something that needs to be done, always a deadline, or too many tasks, a to-do list that never ends…

How long are we going to put off consciously filling our cups? I’m such a fan of telling everyone to fill their cups first, to take time out to do what makes you feel refreshed & renewed, yet here I am, sending myself to-do emails & typing with these totally ratchet nails 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 – If not now, when? This saying doesn’t have to only conjure up feelings of guilt when we’re not busy, it should be reminding us that rest is necessary, time out is a non-negotiable. Let’s remember that when we’re empty, we have nothing to give, we’re tired & grumpy, & cannot possibly give our loved ones the best of ourselves, so how about we carve the time out to make sure we are able to work at the productivity level we should be, & prevent the impending burn-out looming over (most of) our heads.

As you all know, we’ve just moved premises (signage still to come, thank you for your patience) & we have been just so grateful to each & every single one of you who have come in & said all the wonderful things you’ve said, continued to cheer us on, & encouraging us at every point – we’re just nuts about you! ❤️🥜

As we prepare for Spring, warmer nights, open toe shoes, shorts – let’s also say “If not now, when” for that pedi, wax/laser etc. Let’s get Spring ready!

Are you going to start setting aside the time you need for you too?

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How do you (really) handle change?

With all the change we’ve had to navigate through, I found myself thinking about all the times in the past 6 years my staff & I have been thrown a curve ball & how we’ve handled it.

I remember Chuma (my ride or die therapist for the past 5+ years) was in a flat panic around 2016 when I broke the news that we’d be changing nail brands 🤣🙄 She was rather sentimental, may I dare say, nearly nervous watching me pack up all that OPI stock. Today, she’s a firm advocate & lover of i.b.d & Artistic, would not entertain using another other brand & all is still well in the Matis Fourways household.

On a more serious note, this day in February 2021 things are just all completely different & we’ve had to adapt or die! Different shop, different ways of trading, adapting our spa services, finding new innovative ways to talk to clients & cater to their needs; a different world!

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I handle change well, I guess I do! 😎 Isn’t it strange that in a time of trouble, or when difficult decisions need to be made, we see what we’re really made of? What strength have you seen in yourself over the last year?

If the change in the world around us wasn’t enough, Matis Paris decided (BC – Before Covid) to revamp the entire brand! Formulations, names, lines, packaging, logo… EVERYTHING! Now, when I look at my beautiful shelves with the new gorgeous, luxury skincare & body products, even more luxurious & beautiful than they were before, I just cannot help falling in love 🥰 ;when the changes started, the feelings I experienced were anything but love.

In this ever-changing, volatile business climate, when people are still not sure what they should & shouldn’t be doing, we’re looking at ways to make things easier, more accessible & enjoyable for all our clients. Yes, there are still clients who aren’t comfortable visiting the spa & that’s alright! We have the best in luxury, results driven products that allows our clients to use the best in at-home professional skincare & our experts are available on whatsapp chat, via chat on our site, email or a direct call to the spa to guide & assist with the best skincare products to use at home.

Considering coming back? Maybe your skin is dealing with some “maskne”, your back is holding all your stress & tension or your feet might be close to damaging your egyption cotton sheets?😰 We’re ready to welcome you back with (virtual) open arms! Be comforted knowing that our new premises is spacious, access controlled, has secure parking & our staff have your safety in mind at all times. Give us a call to chat or send us a message for more info.

The moral of the story? We have to go through it to get to the other side, right? Fight through the turmoil to see perfection, work & pray in times of uncertainty until one day we sit back & stare at the beautiful shelves & say… We’re doing something right!