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Just checking in

Driving to work this morning I listened to a podcast, Erwin McManus said “anyone can create art but not many can create beauty” this on the heel of the notion that hate is easy, but hope, forgiveness & love are hard; that the human condition means more effort is attached to higher emotions.

I find this analogy truly beautiful. So often our strength is measured by how little emotion we display, how nonchalant we come across, perhaps even how little things, situations & people phase us. I think this misrepresentation of strength is what makes us weaker.

During the wars, the men, strong, tough, manly men, were strong enough to write love letters to the woman who held their hearts captive. Serenades in the rain and having the pleasure of her company weren’t something to be ashamed of, what happened to the beauty and wonder of those emotions?

After taking this in I suddenly wondered how everyone feels their year is going. We’re always getting to the end of the year & complaining about how bad, or slow, or disappointing it was, maybe we could “check-in” with each other here, at the end of Q1, to share some love, do something special for someone, or just tell a friend how wonderful they are. Just maybe we can throw caution to the wind & be reckless with how much we choose to love, because that’s what it is right? A choice.

 Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

Reflecting on my year so far, I’m so proud of the changes I’ve made, proud of my heart & the new things about myself I’ve fallen in love with. I’m slowly, yet ever surely becoming the best version of myself, I used to beat myself up for loving & caring so much, now I’m just so thankful. ❤️🙏🏽

I can’t wait for the next chapter in my story & the empathetic, loving people I’m still going to meet (husband, I’m ready 😉)

A Thank -you to you,

“On the 1st of April 2015 I never could have imagined the road that lay ahead. Thank God I didn’t, because there’s no way I would’ve chosen to still take that first leap.
As each year goes by, I’m more & more in awe of God’s hand over my life, more in love with myself, and no longer scared of being proud of where I am.
A warm, heartfelt THANK-YOU to each & every client & friend who chooses Matis Fourways every time. To my gorgeous mommy, my life’s companions, my hype team & my amazing staff, I love you all so dearly!”


With love,


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What’s your main concern?

Well well well… here we are again; the last month of the year, my last blog of the year.

With the significance of the month at the forefront, I have decided to slightly put my skincare teaching hat down & just spew some thoughts onto this screen.

Now that we’re all in the obvious (for most of us), “can’t wait for the end of the year” mode, dare I ask if you’ve had time to reflect on your 2023? I had a conversation with a friend last night & as I heard the words effortlessly streaming from my mind into the atmosphere, I realised how much this year taught me. Admittedly, we all know lessons & learnings aren’t generally easy, they are not without hurt & pain, & sometimes they leave scars, however, when we finally really learn, there is a peace, a comfort, an almost shedding old skin  epiphany & isn’t that beautiful?

“What is your main concern” is a line skincare therapists use all the time, it’s significant because treating your skin is in our hands, but identifying what bothers you is the starting point. I can’t help but sit here & wonder, do we ask ourselves this question enough in our day to day lives?

This friend asked me if I was a little worried about my age in relation to settling down & getting married, he also asked if I would consider being married in less than a year. When faced with questions like these, would you ask yourself “What is my main concern”? I think I’ll leave that to marinate.

This year I finally learned to understand that the only opinion that matters is God’s. I have been Christian for many years but this year I learned that I have had a really bad habit of taking issues, cares, concerns out of God’s hands & attempting to fumble my way through them-all the while wondering why things have to be so heavy, so hard, & why some things are so confusing. I vow stop trying to steer my ship & accept more rest. This life can be so tumultuous, how can we be in charge all the time? I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted!

There will always be things to complain about, there’s always somewhere we feel we’re falling short & always some unnecessary thing to deter us. I’m guilty of trying too hard in my own strength to fix everything, overthinking, & wearing myself out, but instead of doing what I’ve always done, it’s time to shift gears. Those of you who know me, know that I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, I like to think of something about myself I could work on, this will be my most challenging one at my big age 😂 I hope when you see me next you’ll remind me & remind yourself to put it down & stop wrestling.

From my amazing staff & I, we wish you a wonderful festive season, a very merry Christmas, a safe new year & most of all, a peace & joy that stays with you always ❤️

As always, it has been our pleasure to spoil you, listen to you, laugh with you & teach you about your skin this year.

We are closing on Saturday the 23rd of December & will be ready to welcome you back on the 3rd of January.

All my love, Laurien


P.S Thank you to Pst James for the eye opening message “God has called us to rest & not to wrestle” You & my City Life Church Lonehill family are so dear to my heart.



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A Gentle Reminder.

Does everyone have times in their lives where they feel far away from themselves; where what you believe you know is somehow in a distant place in your mind, locked away. Does everyone consistently walk in an ultimate “knowing” of everything they are? I suppose, this is exactly where mental illness comes into play, when we forget how wildly wonderful we are.

Isn’t the mind a strange & beautiful thing? We are operated by a combination of this work of art that we don’t really fully understand, & a sometimes overwhelming amount of confusing emotions that we have to navigate, monitor, discern & manage. This obvious fact is somehow so suddenly mind-blowing…

We had a visit from the big man last week, the MD of the company that distributes Matis (& about 20 other brands) across SA. During this visit we chatted about the industry & the changes over the years, my history with the brand & my road with Matis over the past 7 years. I didn’t realize at the time, but I needed someone unsuspecting to lead me to that corner of my mind that stored the memories of the choices I made, the chances I took, & the decisions made at just the right time. (Thank God!)

We’re all an insane combination of thoughts & feelings, we all settle into our own ways of navigating relationships & careers & our differences here, despite how infuriating they are to the next person, are what makes us who we are. Sometimes this difficult to understand combination can talk us into forgetting what we’re made of, & one day in the midst of the questions & confusion, when you least expect it- you are right back in your skin with a comforting, “welcome home” whispered to every dark corner & forgotten space in your mind. You can now see more clearly & you’re ready to pick up the messy things, the emotions & the people that have left your mind in disarray. Sweeping the floor of your mind & choosing to let go of what no longer serves you- what a gift to give yourself!

You. Are. Capable. Then, just like that, you’re settling into the things that put a smile on your face again- like a massage 💆‍♀️ Book yours today

This past Sunday our fantastic Ps Nic at spoke about this social media era & how we have been swallowed by dangerous comparison of our lives with those around us, & those we don’t even know. How we compare our reality to the carefully planned & curated content, not forgetting that perfect angle & fantastic lighting, that make it look seemingly effortless. How many times have we looked straight though our blessings in the now because we’re living a life of comparison?

When last have you taken a moment to give thanks for all the blessings in your life? I’ve decided to start today, I pray you’ll join me 🙌❤

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