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What’s your main concern?

Well well well… here we are again; the last month of the year, my last blog of the year.

With the significance of the month at the forefront, I have decided to slightly put my skincare teaching hat down & just spew some thoughts onto this screen.

Now that we’re all in the obvious (for most of us), “can’t wait for the end of the year” mode, dare I ask if you’ve had time to reflect on your 2023? I had a conversation with a friend last night & as I heard the words effortlessly streaming from my mind into the atmosphere, I realised how much this year taught me. Admittedly, we all know lessons & learnings aren’t generally easy, they are not without hurt & pain, & sometimes they leave scars, however, when we finally really learn, there is a peace, a comfort, an almost shedding old skin  epiphany & isn’t that beautiful?

“What is your main concern” is a line skincare therapists use all the time, it’s significant because treating your skin is in our hands, but identifying what bothers you is the starting point. I can’t help but sit here & wonder, do we ask ourselves this question enough in our day to day lives?

This friend asked me if I was a little worried about my age in relation to settling down & getting married, he also asked if I would consider being married in less than a year. When faced with questions like these, would you ask yourself “What is my main concern”? I think I’ll leave that to marinate.

This year I finally learned to understand that the only opinion that matters is God’s. I have been Christian for many years but this year I learned that I have had a really bad habit of taking issues, cares, concerns out of God’s hands & attempting to fumble my way through them-all the while wondering why things have to be so heavy, so hard, & why some things are so confusing. I vow stop trying to steer my ship & accept more rest. This life can be so tumultuous, how can we be in charge all the time? I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted!

There will always be things to complain about, there’s always somewhere we feel we’re falling short & always some unnecessary thing to deter us. I’m guilty of trying too hard in my own strength to fix everything, overthinking, & wearing myself out, but instead of doing what I’ve always done, it’s time to shift gears. Those of you who know me, know that I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, I like to think of something about myself I could work on, this will be my most challenging one at my big age 😂 I hope when you see me next you’ll remind me & remind yourself to put it down & stop wrestling.

From my amazing staff & I, we wish you a wonderful festive season, a very merry Christmas, a safe new year & most of all, a peace & joy that stays with you always ❤️

As always, it has been our pleasure to spoil you, listen to you, laugh with you & teach you about your skin this year.

We are closing on Saturday the 23rd of December & will be ready to welcome you back on the 3rd of January.

All my love, Laurien


P.S Thank you to Pst James for the eye opening message “God has called us to rest & not to wrestle” You & my City Life Church Lonehill family are so dear to my heart.



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so here’s the plan…

It’s no secret that I don’t look my age, it’s something I’m rather proud of but can’t take all the credit for. My mother blessed me with some great genes- thanks mom!

Up until last year I had no signs of ageing, no crow’s feet when I smiled- nada. Then, one day I woke up & it was there… sadness & sagging 🥴 Being in the skincare industry has taught me that the way we see our own skin is often very different to what others see. Voicing my concern to my therapists only got me a neverminded “you seeing things” reply. These people are not taking my trauma seriously!

This is just a reminder that you never need someone to agree with you before doing something for yourself, something that will help to fix a concern you have. So here’s the plan; I have decided to do a course of needling & anti-age treatments over the next 2 months so if any of you walk into the shop & it looks like I was walking on the road on my face, just smile & say “you’re really committed to this journey aren’t you” I thank you in advance.🙏

I’ve always had the greatest passion for skincare, only difference is, in the past I was into all things acne because of my personal struggle with the villain, now I’m heavy on all things anti-ageing. A few years ago I had the privilege of going to visit the Matis Paris head office, (& also an international Ballroom competition at Disneyland Paris 💃) I was around 34 at the time.

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I was given the newly launched OleaScience serum as a gift but I was too young to use it at the time so my gorgeous mom used it before it was launched in SA. I was reminded of the benefits of this serum when I realized it’s just what my skin needs. This serum increases the synthesis of Klotho proteins in fibroblasts, therefore promoting the production of collagen. Yep, that stuff that is like the cement holding all the skin cells together. This luxury (& slightly addictive I’m told) serum has precious oils that protect & regenerate the skin, it’s rich in antioxidants & Omegas 3.6 & 9! It’s a firm, resounding “YES” from me. I cannot wait to start it! For best results you would use 2-4 drops morning & evening for 21-28 days.

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In the hopes that you’ll join me if you find yourself in the same situation, I’ve decided to do a special offer when you purchase any 2 Densite products, we’ll treat you to the luxury DensiAge facial absolutely FREE! – let’s do it together – check out the newsletter or contact us for more info 074 064 2072 /

Let’s walk confidently into this new season upon us & tackle the things we want to change, for me that includes my new & improved anti-ageing routine – who’s with me?

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