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It’s official, everyone is crazy

So I’m not going to ignore the elephant in the room… yes, I realise it’s the 8th & I’m just starting my blog & currently have no idea what I’m doing; but I’m tired, my patience comes & goes in waves & I’ve decided- that’s ok.

We’re officially at that time of year where everyone is lazy, annoyed, frustrated, grumpy, suffering with an added spoonful of anxiety – we’re all not ok 🥴 Which of these emotions are you currently dealing with?

Last week I had a traumatic week & sitting here reflecting on my mental state as it is today & where it was last week, I can’t help but wonder (in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice) – what is the thing, that last straw that breaks the camel’s back? Is it that we keep taking on more & more & we’re not checking the capacity left, & then the smallest thing breaks us? How do we stop & become better at managing the load we carry? How do we get better at managing how we think when things become too much to carry?

My friend Ida posted such a relevant video on Instagram the other day; it was about how we are applauded for being “a superwoman” – & how its all just a rouse creating bigger & more prevalent emotional & mental issues.

Yes, we all have our “load” but it’s ok to say “I’m not coping” ; we are mothers, business owners, wives, single parents, we have 2nd & 3rd side hustles & have to still find time to have a personality & don’t forget the worry of “with immediate effect” – we’re nearly 40 – wine is a non negotiable at this stage. 😑 (if any men actually read this blog- you too!)

It’s just known that at this time of the year, people become a little more rude to the people in retail working long hours, people have a little less patience & we’re all on the – Next year is MY year vibe… Is this how its going to be for the rest of the foreseeable future? How do we get out of the seemingly natural cycle of things & manage to be a little more human before the year ends? Isn’t it funny? We want to rush for the year to end & stress ourselves out more in the process instead of still trying to handle just what we can today.

Taking control of where your head is at isn’t that easy is it? They say the reason why women struggle more is because we don’t compartmentalise the way men do – he’s at work, he’s just in the work box, nothing else exists 🙄 but us woman have ALL the things in 1 big box. I am relating so much to this statement as I juggle about 7 different tasks simultaneously & wonder why my brain is fried by 3pm. So who’s going to be brave enough to get a bloke to teach us this separating boxes thing?

As we try to navigate another December, family obligations, work stress & personal relationships, let’s stay aware of what we can & can’t do. What is in our capacity to change & what isn’t & be more aware of how we speak to ourselves during all the ups & downs.

On a lighter note, it really is nearly time for a well deserved break & I can’t wait 😎 Wishing you all an amazing, peaceful, relaxing & rejuvenating festive season.Laurien


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