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The Rude Awakening

So, before we get started I have a disclaimer… my friend Bonita now reminds me that she’s looking forward to my blog & I think she may have given me writer’s block…? I’ve also been busy getting a life & haven’t had much time to ponder the newsletter or blog so I’ll just type & see where the story takes me & will not be taking any responsibility for the outcome. 😅

Yes, that’s right, I’m getting a life, let’s start there. The past 2 weeks have come with a serious, mind blowing revelation, a difficult realisation & a double portion of awesome. I started a new dance class a few weeks ago that does something amazing for my soul, sometimes we become consumed with ticking the things off our to-do lists we forget that there needs to be “have some fun” on that list too right? Some time to not think about what needs to be done or stress about how to get the things done, time to just be.

While giving myself permission to laugh as much as I can & allow other people to get to know me, I also accepted a painful truth that took a weight off my shoulders I didn’t realise I was carrying for way too long. I saw something on social media that made me stop & take stock. Why do we think that going through hard things is something to be proud of? It sucks! Yes, character building & all that yeah, but enough is enough! I think I’ve had my fair share of pushing through, being called resilient, & being praised for my ability to get through the “hard”. Soft, easy, peaceful & loving is all I’m accepting from all areas of my life & the realisation of my habit of self sabotage hit me like a ton of bricks.

Having people that question who you are shouldn’t have the luxury of your time. Having people who make you need to apologise for being happy & who choose to see the version of you they want to see just takes too much from you. How does it feel to have only the people who can vouch for your character around you? I’m going to find out.

It hurts to let go of relationships of all kinds but hurting your self-esteem costs too much. Let’s be more selective of the people we allow into our lives, the quality of people we listen to & allow to influence us. Let’s vow to be better friends & to choose to rather be honest instead of enable bad behaviour.

A few days ago I was struggling with knowing that someone heard a twisted version of a story & couldn’t stop thinking about it. I really struggled with knowing that my character was being questioned, but that is something I can’t control so I’m choosing to let it go. What I can control are my own choices, my thoughts, & who gets to feature in my story.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
John Wooden

The people closest to us may also be the ones making us smaller, causing us to question our value & where we belong. Do you need to have a look at the relationships in your life like I have? The people you do business with, your family, friends, co-workers; have you set healthy boundaries? I believe boundaries will only ever be a problem for people who don’t respect you & setting them is not only crucial for self preservation but helps us qualify the people in our lives.

My staff have the beautiful skill of taking time to know & understand our clients, the relationships built between our loyal clients & my amazing staff just warms my heart; knowing that we impact our clients in ways outside of our service makes my business more than a spa. These ladies are my family & my cheerleaders, they support me, deal with my stressful times that come with bad moods & they see me. They really see me! ♥ I’m blessed beyond words & so grateful that God has placed these beautiful ladies in my life. Why allow anyone in your life that gives you anything less?

We hope to see you all soon, if you haven’t been to us for a treatment yet, it’s a great time to start! Not only are the treatments great, the conversation is good, the smiles are free & my cheerleaders are happy to be yours too! 🥳

See you all soon


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