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Set back / Set up?!

I started writing this blog last week & had a different title, actually, I had a whole different opening. Pastor Gini preached a word that I felt was just for me on Sunday & it gave me a slightly different outlook – thanks Pastor Gini! I may have recently experienced a somewhat existential crisis & I’ve heard so many stories of different people’s experience when it comes to a new season of life. Just when you feel like you have no idea which direction you’re going, things uncomfortably shift but after the dust settles there’s always the story of all the good that came from it even though at the time, everything felt like it was falling apart.

With June upon us & a whirlwind of change everywhere, I can’t help but wonder… do many people feel overwhelmed & a tad flustered mid year? Does the middle of the year come with an inevitable probable mini mid life crisis for those of us that don’t have a built in “calm down” button? Maybe we should look at the middle of the year like “lunch-time” in the day? We’re always so “New Year-New Me in Jan, & so exhausted in December that we should come with a warning label. Maybe this is the right time to refocus. Take a time out, pull out a chair, unpack the what was & what is to come; time to shake things up a bit & also a time of letting the chips fall as they may. We have to become wiser when it comes to the battles we face, which ones are redirection, & which ones need you to move, take up space & do something.

I have come to understand that in the most stressful seasons, in the times we’re convinced there’s no way forward, that we have to stop, eat lunch, & hand it over to God. Releasing can bring such great relief, but it’s in our belief that we have the ability to control every outcome, that creates the needless frustration & fear. Everything really does always work out in the end but why is it so hard for us in the midst of these trying times? While we’re in the middle of our “lunch time” is when we often get the answers we need, we have those lightbulb moments, & we are then able to answer the “What’s next?

Nobody is responsible to fulfill your potential – not even God; isn’t that profound? Sometimes He’s waiting for you to move… & He’ll meet you there.

Last week I was chatting to a friend about what comes out of you when you’re hard pressed & it reminded me of a scripture that says  “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of”. Let’s continue to always search our hearts & do the introspective work of removing what doesn’t make us better, let’s make sure that when we are in fact hard pressed that what comes out of us is still sweet juice & a joyful noise.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9 NIV
We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

If you find yourself in the lunchtime of the year, know that you are not alone. Everyday comes with new trials & challenges but it also comes with favor, mercy & joy. I choose to hold onto the little things that bring joy to my days & remain confident in the fact that what I’m doing is enough.

Let’s enter the new month faithful & fearless

With Love,


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