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Thorns & Blossoms of change

Over the past few months blogging hasn’t even been on my to-do list. Honestly speaking my brain seemed to have had all the words suctioned out & what was left was some mixed emotions & only what Matis required of me. This is however a very special month, & as I type, I’m hoping the words won’t evade me as they’ve been.

The lovely lady who hosts the website tells me how important my blog is & that I shouldn’t be scared to let my readers know who I am, because there’s an honest beauty in understanding the person behind small business, do you agree? I’ve always loved history of a brand, the story behind the success; I remember writing about how the Authentik Beauty, previously known as Fundamental Beautifying Cream, has such a long history & how much more unique it became for me; the “nakedness” of opening up to nobody & everybody is indeed scary, but the release of tormented thoughts in words is therapeutic – so here’s my “honest beauty”

Today my salon is 8 years old. I don’t think there are appropriate words in any language that can accurately or adequately explain the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. Many people will try give advice with the best intentions, but the lows are something that people who aren’t business owners will never really grasp. I thought the “What the hell was I thinking?” would stop in year 5, or 6, or 7… but it’s a daily choice to keep going.

5 weeks ago, maybe 6, Precious resigned after 7.5 years. I felt my heart sink, we looked at each other & knew how heartsore we both were, but it took me a week to feel the pending absence of the only person (besides my mom) who has been a constant in my life. Not an employee, but a confidant, a best friend, a constant, unwavering support; at that point all I felt were the thorns, now, I’m happy to announce the blossoming phase of this love & it’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

A few weeks ago I went through a very difficult time I’m not sure how many of you have already turned 40, but no matter how many times I heard people talking about it – nothing could have prepared me for the emotions that seemingly took over my body & mind- completely! I am now ok talking about the fact that I will be 40 on the 17th of April (gifts are welcome 🥳 🎁), but it took some time. The thought process that takes over begs the question – Who am I? As I journey closer to that day, I can’t help but ask myself, what are the things I need to let go of? What are the behaviors I can’t carry with me? What are the steps I need to take to unlearn the parts of me that might be holding me back?

Now, less than 2 weeks away, all I can be is grateful. I’m back at a place where I’m so grateful I’ve made it this far, that God has trusted me with Matis Fourways for another year. Grateful that I even when I question my own decisions, God speaks to me & guides me. I’m grateful He’s seen fit to keep me healthy & blessed me with another trip around the sun. I pray the beginning of this era of my life has God’s hand all over it.

Thank you to every client, every friend who’s supported my business, those clients who became family, & the ones I’m still going to meet! Cheers to the next 8 years @matisfourways 🥂

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