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Consistency is key

In a world of inconsistencies – what is it that keeps us sane? (of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill)

The past month was yet another reminder of the importance of mental health, we live fast, bombarded by information, always connected to social media; making even the strongest people question our lives, looks, achievements, timelines… everything!

What we allow in our minds, the thoughts we entertain & patterns of processing we’ve adapted, can conspire to turn us against ourselves; where do we start to do better? My OG (I love you Precious♥) & I were talking the other day about how overwhelming the pressures of life can get, & we decided to make sure we change the way we speak to ourselves. Instead of negative self-talk, we committed to rather congratulate ourselves for even the smallest wins – & stay consistent about it! At the beginning of the year I wrote about easing the pressure on myself & I must say I’m winning! It’s the 8th of the month & I’m not persecuting myself for the delay, instead I’m thankful I finally found some inspiration this morning 😉 I may be late but I’m consistent. {Laurien, you rockstar, you legend, look at you winning 🤘}

I don’t think there’s many of us that are strangers to how life can sometimes get the better of us, however, staying ahead of the slump could be how we beat it. What are the things you do to keep you sane? I have some outlets but more importantly I was reminded that remaining consistent in whatever it is we do is the only way to tackle life. Consistent & authentic- ’cause being consistently not you won’t help either!

I think trying to fit the mold of who you’re expected to be, how people see your life, & making decisions based on what looks right is a winning recipe for failure. Why do we think pleasing other people will make us happy? Has that ever actually worked? Choosing your squad could be the most important decision we ever make, who we spend our time & energy on & who we let inside has the ability to make or completely break us… choose wisely.

Over the weekend I caught myself laughing, very loudly & if I’m honest, a tad unladylike – but it’s me & I am falling in love with my laugh from today forward 🤣 We think living authentically means still changing the parts of ourselves that may not be pleasing to others, we should unlearn that! Life is a lot sometimes & accepting & loving yourself (flaws & all) may not only make our day to day lives more beautiful but it will most certainly allow you to see who your squad really is.

“If you are persistent you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.”

— Anonymous

Relationships are everything❤🌻🥂 water them, feed them, celebrate & protect them; especially the one you have with you… consistently & authentically.

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1 thought on “Consistency is key

  1. Another great Read!

    I couldn’t agree more – consistency is key!!

    “If you are persistent you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.”

    — Anonymous (I love this so much) ♥️

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