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Skincare, feelings & business goals

Guys, it’s August 2021 & I’m officially the adultiest adult in the room more often than not! How did this happen? No warning, no training, no prep work, just woke up one day & BOOM! I’m the responsible person…

I have these 2 awards in the shop & sometimes I forget that hey! Matis Fourways has been top retailer for Matis in South Africa since 2017! Like WOW right?!

At one of my lowest points while struggling to make ends meet in Fourways Mall when renovations were killing my business with no end in sight, I decided to start the online store. I thought if people don’t want to come to us, we’ll take the products to them. I greatly underestimated the work involved & the day to day maintenance but it was the reason Matis Fourways survived. Then came covid…😷

The online store has not only carried the business during the lockdown last year but has also taught me so many new skills & showed me that I am more capable than I give myself credit for 🙂 Yes, starting anything is scary, but nuturing it & learning through the process can be something incredibly beautiful.

I just absolutely ADORE Matis, the brand, the formulations, the mindblowing ingredients, the phenominal scientists in Paris that formulate all the patents that make Matis the one of a kind brand that it is. I also love & appreciate my staff & clients who make pouring myself into this business so worthwhile.

Buying skincare online was something so foreign to me but as I update the site & see where i can bridge the gap between us, the more I see online shopping for skincare a must! Yes, ideally we would want to analyse as we were taught, but soon things will evolve & we need to be ready to move with the times. I have a client in Franschhoek that will only shop with Matis Fourways, one in Durban who says she appreciates my fast service, another on a farm who always thanks us for all the extra information… these kind words push me to do more & make their buying experience a pleasurable one. What would make you want to use a specific online store? Fast service, extra advice, additional samples, skincare discounted, or maybe a gift with purchase or free delivery? How important is consistency in service for you?

It’s emotional looking at when I first started loading the Matis cleansers from what was then the Youth Response line nearly 4 years ago, to now having built a healthy online store client base… it’s ok to be proud of yourself Laurien 😊 Well done to me, the Matis Fourways staff & the owner 😉

So, whats next? The Twincare awards are usually every 2nd year but since our world has been turned on it’s head, it might be a tad insensitive to push for an awards evening to get dressed up again & see if we’re still on top, what do you think? Anyway, where we are today is good too. 🥰

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  1. Simply love your positivity. Keep on keeping in. Reach for the stars.

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