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Radiant skin is always in!

Hi #MatisFourwaysFans 🥳

Is everyone panicking about that “summer body” that is still in hiding or are some of you starting to slowly reorganise the wardrobe to bring the sandals forward & packing the coats & jerseys away?

I’ve been working behind the scenes to score some awesome treats for all of you, i hope you’re ready for this!

Our radiance products came in with a BANG & have been really popular, especially our Radiant Cleansing Water and our Radiance Serum ! For the next few days, we’re giving you one of these amazing products when you purchase online 🤯 yes, that’s right, a whole free product!

I thought I’d give you more info on each of them so you have all the deets:

Radiant Cleansing Water

An exfoliating miscellar water.

Have you jumped on the miscellar water train? I’d be the first to admit the idea of just wiping of the day, the make-up (the bad vibes lol) was just a tad strange for me. I was one of those “if it doesn’t foam, it isn’t washing” team; but since trying both this one & the authentik water, I’m a changed woman. A miscellar water is a liquid with different ingredients that cleanse the skin & often have an additional action, this one cleanses, adds radiance & has a fab exfolitaing action which keeps the dead skin cells to a minimum. Over the years I’ve come to realise having 3-4 cleansers isn’t ird at all; our skins change just like our moods & having something different for that mood is a great idea.

The Radiant Cleaning water can be used as a cleanser on its own, can be used as a secondary cleanser or used only in the morning or night & alternated with a different cleanser. Since it’s super easy to use, clients have specifically loved the convenience of this product on lazy nights & I particularly love using it in the morning; just a quick wipe over the face followed by my toner & the rest of my morning routine.

Radiance Serum

Unifying complexion serum

Radiance is the single most sought after action for skincare treatments, weather you’re looking for anti-ageing or oil control, everyone also wants radiance, right? This serum acts of the skin’s collagen, melanin & haemoglobin, favouring production of collagen & decreasing the production of melanin.

This fruity, shimmering, lightweight serum also contains nanocitrus which helps to lighten pigmentaion & lighten it’s appearance. The light reflecting particles brings immediate luminosity & unifies the skin.

Anti-redness ✔

Brown spots are reduced ✔

Skin is smoother due to boost in collagen production ✔

Happy shopping!

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